Mindfulness Arabic

Arabic guided exercises in Mindfulness

These exercises are included on Fredrik Livheims CD Mindfulness as well as in the app iherenow. The exercises are suitable for both beginners as well as experienced. They are originally designed for use in conjunction with the course "ACT - Promoting Mental Health and Resilience", but can also be used independently by people who want to practice mindfulness.

1. Resting in yourself

35 minutes

Opening up for and noting thoughts and feelings. Body scanning.

2. Fully present

11 minutes

Mindfulness in your body and your breathing. To become present.

3. Being here and now

5 minutes

Mindfulness in your breathing. To become present.

4. On foot

5. The chattering monkey

9 minutes

ACT exercise to create healthy distance to your thoughts.

6. Carrying your back pack

10 minutes

ACT exercise about how you can stay with difficult thoughts, feelings and memories.